Tuesday, August 1, 2017

08/01/2017 - I Love Him and Will Follow Our Savior Anywhere

Hello everyone,

Well this week flew by. So first off there is still no surety that I am leaving. Elder Wiwchar didn't get a training call. So we find out tonight if I go. I have this sneaking feeling I will stay. Which would be a long time in my first area. But as for that I have no idea what is going on. But I trust the lord knows what he needs and knows where I need to be. So regardless I trust that I will be where he wants me to be.

As for that this week was odd. To be honest I don't even remember what happened. Like I don't know what we did. All I remember is we tract a lot, talked to a ton of people and the Zone leaders called us this week and asked us to raise our people contacted goal because we have been absolutely crushing it and the rest of the zone. Last tuesday we contacted more than the zone combined. I am a little proud of that. But when you work hard time flies. And it has been such a joy to work hard. And honestly this is really weird I can't remember much about this week. I just know we worked hard. But one thing I know, we must keep pressing forward with faith. I know that our savior leads this work, I love him and he absolutely loves us. Regardless of what we do or say. I love this gospel and will follow our savior anywhere. Because I trust that he knows what is best, it might be hard but I will always seek to do what he asks. I love you all, please remember our savior always, if you take the sacrament you have promised you would, so try. He lives, he loves you and I love you all. Miss you and have a good week.

Elder Ollis

In a letter to Mom when asked if he's getting any more dinner appointments: We are fine. We had some cool experiences. Honestly multiple times this week members of other wards we saw on the street would stop us and give us cash or give us food. It was cool. Some less active guy wants to take us this week too. I am not worried.

07/18/2017 - P-Day with the Zone

07/29/2017 - Brother Nagtalon, a good member Elder Ollis helped move

07/31/2017 - Elder Ollis and Elder Wincher with investigator, Adeline, and her dog Savannah

07/31/2017 - The Berkes, a couple the missionaries helped build a fence

07/31/2017 - The "Funeral" for an Elder who is going home

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