Friday, January 19, 2018

09/16/2017 - Ask Yourself, How Can I Apply This?

Hello everyone!!!!

Well it was a wonderful week but a tough one too. I was sick, I had a slight fever lots of the week and could barely breathe, but nothing stops the work of the Lord. So we continued regular and I am OK now mostly. But it was a good week. We were able to do a lot of great work and try and find as many people as possible. We have about 5-6 really solid potentials we are trying to get. The hold up is timing, such as they are working up north for a few more weeks. Or we have to go back with fellowship, or they are gone. So it will be an awesome week we have one lesson planned with a lady who really is ready for the gospel. She moved into the ward recently and our relief society president dropped by to visit her and invited her to church. She came and felt like this is what she needed.  So we are going back this week. Only hang up might be she could be a member, after all this is Cardston, so we are hoping she is an investigator but if not we will still teach her. Also update on that guy from last week, he is to be baptized on February 17th! And just wait I have one more half to come

Second Email:
Heyyyyo again everyone, sorry it is in two pieces but we were able to watch the announcement and the press conference and I didn't want to be distracted by emailing It is one extra opportunity to hear from the Prophet of God, and therefore from our Heavenly Father. But let me just let you all know about some thoughts I have had. First was I didn't say anything about President Monson last week and I have to say something. We were able to watch his funeral. President Miles felt it was important for us to watch it since President Monson called us on missions. But it was wonderful, I am so grateful for his service and for calling me on a mission. I won't ever forget President Monson, he is a wonderful man and he was the Lords servant, the Prophet of God. But remember that I whole-heartedly sustain and support President Neilson as the new Prophet, and his counselors. I will do all I can to support them in their callings (that is what a sustaining is for, right?) I loved what they said, particularly President Neilson’s remarks on him serving with all he has left. Similarly, I am here to serve the Lord, I love this Gospel and it is so wonderful to share.

But real quick I wanted to share something I have learned on my mission. I hope you think about it and apply it, because that is key. We were in Sunday school this Sunday and talked about the council in heaven. The teacher asked who was there and someone says we were all there. Of course we know this is true, and someone else remarked about how many there must have been. And up goes a hand of a very kind lady in the back. Her remark was along the lines of we must have had some technology we don't have now to be able to fit all of us in one area to hear the council. Now I am meaning no disrespect to her, so please follow me with this thought. But I am pointing out that her comment has absolutely no relevance to us in any way. That was my thought, and there is something so sweet and simple about it, in everything. Sometimes we get caught up in the details of things, such as technology in the pre earth life, or perhaps another one such as did Adam have a belly button. But that simply isn't important. What is important is understanding the principles we can live and use in our daily. Such as the words of Isaiah, many are confused about the hard language and comparisons he uses throughout. But it is easy to understand the purpose, that he is showing us that the Lord never forgets us. And when we apply that knowledge, by asking for help because he is there always, we will feel the spirit and receive strength through the Atonement. So this week, if you think about anything, ask yourself, how can I apply this? Love you all have a good one!

Elder Ollis

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

01/09/2018 - I Love the Lord. He Is Always There and Does Answer Our Most Humble Desires

Well hello everyone!!!

Well to update you on the week. To be honest this has been such a strange week. I am excited since the holidays are over to get back to some normal things. Stores will be open again and more people will be home. I am excited. But nonetheless we saw some cool experiences. During our weekly planning session this week, me and Elder Crockett felt we should set some better goals. Cardston is really hard because there isn't much work with non members. But there are people here to bring closer to Christ, through baptism. I know it. We don't have any investigators now, but we set a goal to have a baptism on the 24th of Febuary. Nearly 2 months away, enough time to find, teach, and baptize someone. So we have this goal in mind. 

We decided to fast for it and invited some members to join us in this fast. Well the lord works in mysterious ways. While at church a member approaches us before priesthood and says "Elders, my father in law wants to take the discussions, and has read the book of mormon and is currently trying to finish doctrine and covenants. He is excited to hear about the gospel!" It was so cool, the Lord really does provide! But haha, there was a catch. The man lives in a retirement center that we don't cover. So we aren't going to be able to teach him. Which is hard, but I do believe that was an answer to our fast and prayers. Whether it was with us or not, it is someone coming unto Christ. I just want you all to know that I love the Lord. He is always there and does answer our most humble desires. Love you all! 

Elder Ollis

In an email to Elder Ollis' dad: It is hard but we keep working. I love this work and I love the members, we are furthering the work in this area and that is the most important thing.  

Please also send this picture to Brother Sudweeks, I met Ryan Merkley and his family!  He grew up with Brother Sudweeks!  Small world!

01/05/2018 - Ryan Merkley and family, members who know Elder Ollis' bishopric counselor at home

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

01/02/2018 - Cardston Canadians are So Very Kind!

Post from mom:  I received two emails today from more Cardston Canadians who are watching out for my missionary son!  How grateful we are for these good people who send pictures and messages our way!

01/02/2017 - Elder Ollis and Elder Crockett with Wes & Nardene Neilson

Hi, just a quick note to let you know how wonderful it was to have your sons in our home.  They left us with a message on baptism and we felt the spirit so strongly.  I am sure you know as we know now what fine young men they are.  Have a great holiday season.  Take care.   Wes & Nardene Neilson
Just so you know, Mark Broadhead, your neighbour is my, Nardene's, first cousin.  His Dad and my Dad are brothers. They have both passed on but we have stayed close as a family and have spent many countless days staying with Mark and Karen who so generously gave us a place to stay when we took our 3 sons to the MTC as well as other times.  They have always spoke so highly of you so it didn't surprise us when we met your son which confirmed the goodness of your family through him.  Small world.   

Hello Sister Ollis,

We had the pleasure of having Elder Ollis in our home for dinner tonight and he shared a wonderful message and testimony. Thank you for sharing him with us. He mentioned that he was not very diligent about sending home pictures so I twisted his arm into letting me take a couple to send to you.

Happy New Year!

Carrie Little

Monday, January 1, 2018

01/01/2018 - Just Chillin' Up Here in the Norf.....Literally, at -37!!!

Well hello everyone.

Super weird this is monday and pday again. But its only for this one week so things will go back to normal. But we had a nice chilly week. So yesterday it was -37!!!!! It was a great drive to church, my hands nearly froze to the wheel haha! It was great too because we had tons of ice inside our car, especially on the floor mats. So elder Crockett pulls one out to get the ice off and the rubber just broke in half. it was pretty cold. It should warm up tomorrow. Today it is only -22 but the wind chill is supposed to be -40!!! So hope it doesn't pick up because it wasn't windy this morning.

But today is the new year, so I officially enter my dark year. It is the one full year in your mission where you don't see home. But I basically have two so its all fun. Today is also Elder Crockett’s birthday so happy birthday to him. I am super happy to be serving with him. he is a great Elder and we have done some awesome work. This week we had some cool stuff happening. We are really moving the work forward but we haven't found anyone to teach yet but we are close. I want this so bad!! We were on exchanges again this week and I was in Pincher Creek. It was cool, because we found a new investigator there. it is so easy, but really hard in cardston. It was funny though we had a fun experience while we were working off our part member families list and dropped by the house. A lady answers the door and we ask if she is the person we were looking for. She said no, they moved away over 25 years ago!!! Haha somehow that name has stayed on our list. But anyway that is about it for the week. Just Chillin’ up here in the Norf.

Elder Ollis

12/20/2017 - Elder Crockett, Elder Ollis' companion

In an email to mom when he was asked to explain “so easy, but really hard”: That was humor a little bit. It seems just easy else where but incredibly hard in Cardston. Let me explain our odds right now. And I am not discouraged I have the faith we can find but just listen. We have a ward map of one of our in town wards. I counted the non-member homes and it was around 12. So 12 people we have to try and get to accept the gospel. Now multiply that by 5. So 60 non-members roughly that we get to try and find. So that is what is difficult. Trying to get around the non-members. If you and the family have any ideas let me know.

Fun note from an email to dad: Fun connection to Bishop Bectell, the bishop of 4th ward. He served his mission in salt lake, his first area covered where our home is. Super cool. But the best part was he grew up in Calgary, 13th ward. Which was my first area. So cool. We lived in each other’s greenie areas!!!

Another note from Mom: We also received another text message on 12/31/2017.  They didn't share their name but we so appreciate the kind people who send us pictures of Elder Ollis!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

12/26/2017 - I Am Serving the Lord With All My Heart

Well hello ya'll

Today is boxing day. Which means nothing back home, so here’s what it is. After Christmas everything goes on sale. It is the closest thing to black friday up here. (which we don't have in canada). But there is only like 4 stores in Cardston so we won't be doing much shopping haha

But to let you know about our week. We had zone conference thursday, did a white elephant exchange and I got a full set of golf clubs! So that happened. Then we went up to Calgary and were on exchanges with the APs and then Sunday and Christmas. It was a crazy full week and I am tired. So it was awesome, we worked hard and Christmas was the busiest day. We had an appointment every hour from 10 in the morning until 9. Full day. But it was awesome and the members treated us too well! I probably won't have to buy food this week haha. 

So to update you, Next week we have a p-day on Monday because of the new year, but only next week ok! 

Anyway, I hope you all had a merry christmas, I did. It was so nice to face time my family it really brightened my Christmas. And I am so grateful for the wonderful packages from the ward and from my family. I love you all and know I miss you, but I am serving the lord with all my heart. We had some amazing miracles this week and it is only because of our faith and diligence. They may seem small, but we met tons of members and were able to get a referral from almost every single one. It was an awesome blessing and now we just have to follow up with them. We will see how it goes.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Ollis

12/20/2017 -  Cardston Zone Conference for Christmas

12/25/2017 - Christmas Day was AMAZING!!

Post by Elder Ollis's Family:

We were blessed to be able to FaceTime with Elder Ollis on Christmas morning!  We are so grateful for the Shipley Family who shared their home with Elder Ollis and his companion so they could call home.  What a blessing it was to have our family "together" on Christmas day!  

Most importantly we were able to hear first hand just how much he LOVES IT in CARDSTON!! Some of the other things we learned about his new area:

  • There are only two traffic lights in Cardston and Elder Ollis thinks that is just enough.  "Salt Lake is just way too big!"
  • His current zone is the largest in the Canada Calgary Mission
  • His new companion is Elder Crockett, from Pleasant Grove Utah
  • He and his companion are also serving as District Leaders because only two sets of sisters serve in their district.
  • He and his companion serve 5 wards in the Cardston area.
  • The youth are very involved in family history and temple work.  The local high school is across the street from the Cardston Temple and the youth will print our temple names at the seminary building and cross the street to do temple work on a regular basis.
  • He loves the people there already and is amazed at the number of referrals they have received, even though the vast majority of the people there are members.
  • He LOVES his mission and President and Sister Miles!!

12/20 & 12/24/2017 - Two Text Messages in a Week!!

From Elder Ollis's mom:

We received two wonderful text messages this week from the kind members of Cardston who are looking after our missionary and his companion!  I can see why Elder Ollis loves Cardston so much.  He is surrounded by wonderful, thoughtful members!  Many thanks from the Ollis Family!

12/20/2017 - Dinner & cookie decorating with the Smith Family!

12/24/2017 - Christmas Eve with the Miller Family!