Tuesday, February 13, 2018

02/13/18 - This Week was Bitter Sweet

Well hello y'all. 

Well this week was bitter sweet. So lets start with the sweet. First off today has been a good day. It started out like I said last week. Biscuits and Gravy, Lets go. Then we drove 20 minutes south to a members home, brother Kormos. Well Brother Kormos's property is on the border. So we went for a nice hike up a mountain to the US border. LETS GO! we saw freedom today. It was pretty fun. Brother Kormos is one of my favourite members, he is a farmer, and to be honest that life sounds good to me. We couldn't cross the border, as that is illegal but we were there. It smelled like freedom. It was glorious. I was just hoping to see a bald eagle. It was crazy windy though and super cold but it was worth it. We also climbed it in our white shirts and ties. LETS GO

But as for the week we had a tough one and a good one. The good was we found a new investigator. The situation is a little weird. His name is Collin, he is struggling and he needed to get away from Calgary so he moved down her to live with his aunt. Who is a recent convert we have been helping get to the temple. Well the situation is weird because we aren't sure how interested he is and he might be just being nice because he is living there and getting a lot of help but none the less it is a new gator. Bad news is we weren't able to get our phones, they have been taking a long time to ship to Canada, because Canadien post takes a long time. But our other investigator on date had a rough week. She has been hard to get a hold of but we will keep trying and see what happens. Probably won't happen on the 10th but we will see. 

I was super excited to get a package this week. A surprise valentines gift from my family. And the chicken was so funny. Haha what the heck. I put my name tag on it so it now is one of my companions. I am going to keep that chicken around. (thanks dad!)

But as for that just wanted to let you all know I love you all. Each and everyone one of you. I know the Lord does too. I love this work and am so happy to be a part of it. See ya, Elder Ollis

Note from Elder Ollis' Mom: Just in case you are wondering what Elder Ollis is talking about see the chicken video below.  His dad thought it was hysterically funny and thought it might be a good way to laugh off the frustrating moments!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

02/06/2018 - I Am So Grateful to be Able to Serve in the Lord's Army

Hello everyone! Sorry I am on late, we went to the temple this moring!

Well we had a pretty good week this week. It started out super good last tuesday. We visited a member and he gave us some home grown pork sausage (it was his pig) and white gravy. We are really excited for that, you can't find that stuff in canada! Biscuits and gravy here we come! and we had zone conference. It was awesome to here from President Miles. He really is the best mission president. Sad to have to say goodbye to him but that is how life goes. We received training for the smart phones we are getting. But as for that things were just good. Thats all I can say. Tomorrow is MLC, so Elder Crockett and I get to drive up to Calgary and we will get are smart phones then. 

Also we had another super cool member feed us this week. She is from Brazil. It was so cool, we had dinner at there house a month ago and I told her about when I was part of a branch. So she made us a bunch of brazilian dishes. It was so cool! She also made me a ton of brigaderros to take home. That was cool.

Well to be honest I can't remember to much about this week, it flew by. But most important, our one investigator is on date!! She is going to get baptized! We are excited, but it is really strange, both of us feel like we really aren't doing anything. Our members are so awesome, and she is so prepared. To understand what I mean I will quote our lesson when we put her on date to be baptized. We had planned to do it at the end of the lesson, well in the middle the members ask if she has heard about baptism, She says "yes, I want to be baptized, when can I be baptized?" Elder Crockett and I respond " well we were thinking March 10." Investigator: "can I put that on my calendar?" It was super cool. But we are excited. The only thing I am worried about is transfers happen the week before the 10th. And knowing my luck I will be out of here. But I guess it is what the Lord wants. I would love to see one baptism though. But things are going good. Our wards are awesome, the members trust us. Elder Crockett is great. I still want to become a farmer, and I love being a missionary. I know this work is true, I am so grateful for the service I am able to give, I know the Lord needs us for each a unique purpose and what ever it is we receive help, often through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I love my savior and I love this gospel! I am so grateful to be able to serve in the Lords army.

Pictures: We went street contacting this week. Haha jk

But the second one makes me want to...

Wait for it......


(thought dad would like that)

In a letter to mom:  Anyway we had a good week. To be honest it flew by and I can't really remember it all. We, meaning the leaders in the mission, get our phones tomorrow. So we get to test them out for a month or so before everyone gets them. So that is cool. It will be weird. It was cool at a zone conference this week President said to us: " 18 months ago I would have never trusted this mission with technology." It is kinda cool how much our mission has changed for the better, and now to a totally new universe. So we are excited!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

01/29/2018 - Through Christ We Will Overcome Our Imperfect Season in Mortality

Well another good week. They are all good when you are serving the Lord. But nonetheless I will get right down to it. Our investigator is doing well. She wants what we are teaching and she has such real intent, probably more than anyone I have ever taught. The hard part right now is we’ve got to slow down a bit so she gets things. But she said yesterday she would love to be baptized. So we can absolutely work for that. Just no date yet, it didn't seem quite right. But it will come I know it. She is awesome though and loves the church!  It has been cool because the ward is equally excited. I think almost everyone asks about how she is doing when we go for lessons. It is great.

We have such solid leadership in Cardston.  Our bishops are literally the best and our ward mission leaders are awesome. So this week we were invited to the Priesthood leadership meeting. It was the bishops and ward mission leaders. We talked about ward mission plans and we have some great leaders. We were able to talk with one of our brand new bishops about it after the meeting and he expressed a great desire to get a good one. And we were able to build his trust in us too. We were also able to talk with another one, he too expressed similar desires, especially to get us someone to teach. Our other two are awesome as well. We had one bishop get so excited for our new investigator and asked if he could come to lessons. He came to two this week. It was great. And our other bishop is so awesome as well. He and the ward mission leader have set up a system for us to be in 2 members homes minimum each week in that ward. It is so awesome. I love our wards!

Other than that our week has nothing too spectacular. We are working hard, like always and we are going to be blessed. But I wanted to share some thoughts I have been thinking about this week. Since in Cardston I have kinda stressed a bit about things I just shouldn't stress about. Like me being a Zone Leader, I have been a wreck on making sure everything I do is perfect because people look up to me. But my thoughts were, I am trying to be something I am not. We, I, am not perfect. So I was reading Elder Holland’s talk this week: "be ye therefore perfect, eventually." And I wanted to point out a few thoughts I had. First was we cannot point our fingers at others. None are perfect. I know that I am not. That creates an environment that does not do well with leading (like in my case). Next was, we are not perfect. Everyone knows this, but most importantly, I think we should remember that our father in heaven knows this too. Let’s think about the plan of salvation. To anyone who served a mission I ask you, when you taught the lesson and talked about why we are here what did you say? Did you say we are here to be perfect? NO! Never was that any part of our fathers plan. We are not sent here to be perfect, that was the Adversaries plan. We, Children of our Heavenly Father, were sent her to REPENT. Let me repeat that, we are sent here to repent. That was the plan, to come here to learn about our Savior. So application, how is this knowledge going to bless us? Let it go. What ever it is. Whether it is you feel you never measure up, or that you have made mistakes that you feel you cannot feel forgiven for, the answer brothers and sisters, is to let it go and turn to the Savior. We should never strive to be perfect, it is simply not our purpose. What we should strive for is our Savior, and glory in the fact that through him we will overcome our imperfect season in mortality. I love my Savior Jesus Christ, I know that he lived and died for me and for you. I love him and as I strive to be like him, and represent him, I hope that you do too. I know that he helps and I know that we can turn to him in our daily situations. So my invitation this week is to spend a little time focusing on him, whether it be in the Temple, the scriptures, or on your knees. Draw closer to him. Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Ollis

In a letter to mom: I love it here mom, the people are so awesome! Also I learned this week one cow could be worth up to 100,000 dollars. I might just move up here and open a ranch haha! Seems like it is pretty good money! Also I can crack a bullwhip now better than you would expect. Another Elder in our zone is going to show me how to make them and I am going to make one. It is cool!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

01/27/2018 - More Good News from Canada!

This sweet sister reached out to Elder Ollis' dad on Facebook and left this nice message about Elder Ollis!  We just can't thank the wonderful people of Canada who send messages like these to let us know of the great work the missionaries are doing!

Sister Kristy Sims sent this picture via email with the following message: Elder Ollis and Elder Crockett were at our house tonight leaving a great message. We gave them a basket full of stuff and cereal from the 7th ward Activity days girls that they brought as part of a missionary activity. Awesome missionaries

Another text message and picture from Sister Gen Smith: Another awesome night with Elder Ollis and Elder Crockett! Pizza and a great message with the Smith's and Atwood's! We sure appreciate him!

How we love the amazing people of Canada that take good care of my son and the many missionaries who serve there!  Many blessings to you all!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

01/23/2018 - We found a new investigator!!! First one in Cardston!!!

Hello Everyone. 

So this was an exciting week. We found a new investigator!!!! It was awesome. We had dinner a few weeks ago with our relief society president and she mentioned that there was a lady she invited to church who had just moved in. Well she ended up coming to church and so we set up a lesson to meet her. It was awesome. She is a single mom and has two kids. She has a lot of troubles she is going through but she gave up smoking recently and she loved church. She even went to the relief society activity during the week, came to church again this week (she said she was so excited for it) and went to the self reliance classes Sunday night too. It was really cool. We were able to teach her portions of everything. She is really hard to teach as she is really scattered in her thoughts but we are really excited to have an investigator. First one in Cardston!!!!

We also were able to visit a PM family last night out on the Reservation, in a town called moses lake. It was great.  The lady is a member and she seems open for us to come back and teach her and get her back to church and she has two boys that are unbaptized and a husband who could investigate. We are really excited. It was unfortunate though, we (ok it was me, I am the Driver) got stuck in the snow right in front of their house last night, so we had the boys in the family help us dig, and then drag our car out of the snow with their SUV. I felt so dumb, but to be honest is was a great time to talk with the boys in that family. Sometimes the lord works in mysterious ways. We are working hard here. We have some things going for us and we just need to get them. We are going to find one more investigator this week and are excited. 

01/22/2018 - Digging ourselves out of the snow
A couple more thoughts, we had MLC this week and I got to admit I am really excited for Smart phones! They have so many things that will help us do the work of the Lord. But that is a wrap.

Elder Ollis

01/17/2018 - Missionary Leadership Council

In an email to mom: Hey mom, I can't believe I hit a year too. It is crazy. Time is going way to fast. Our p-days are super boring to be honest. We are the only Elders in Cardston, the closest elders are about 45 minutes drive. So we really only see them once a month. But we usually shop, email, and then spend time at the church. Elder Crockett will play the piano and I just kinda listen. But that is mostly all we do because it's too cold to just be outside. Kinda lame but that is what it is. Thank you for sharing about the book of mormon reading. I am like that too. I can't get very far because it is just too good of a book. One thing I thought about this week that I had never realized. We know that Lehi was of the Tribe of Manasseh, and Ishmael was of Ephraim, both tribes were present, well the nephites find the city of Zarahemla and the people of Mulek. Mulek was the son of the king Zedekiah, and it is safe to say then that the people of Mulek were of the tribe of Judah, I had never thought of that but it makes sense. You learn something everyday. Thanks for the pictures of my dog. I miss him a ton. Also the weather has been so nice. It was like 3-5 degrees all week and will be all this week too. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

09/16/2017 - Ask Yourself, How Can I Apply This?

Hello everyone!!!!

Well it was a wonderful week but a tough one too. I was sick, I had a slight fever lots of the week and could barely breathe, but nothing stops the work of the Lord. So we continued regular and I am OK now mostly. But it was a good week. We were able to do a lot of great work and try and find as many people as possible. We have about 5-6 really solid potentials we are trying to get. The hold up is timing, such as they are working up north for a few more weeks. Or we have to go back with fellowship, or they are gone. So it will be an awesome week we have one lesson planned with a lady who really is ready for the gospel. She moved into the ward recently and our relief society president dropped by to visit her and invited her to church. She came and felt like this is what she needed.  So we are going back this week. Only hang up might be she could be a member, after all this is Cardston, so we are hoping she is an investigator but if not we will still teach her. Also update on that guy from last week, he is to be baptized on February 17th! And just wait I have one more half to come

Second Email:
Heyyyyo again everyone, sorry it is in two pieces but we were able to watch the announcement and the press conference and I didn't want to be distracted by emailing It is one extra opportunity to hear from the Prophet of God, and therefore from our Heavenly Father. But let me just let you all know about some thoughts I have had. First was I didn't say anything about President Monson last week and I have to say something. We were able to watch his funeral. President Miles felt it was important for us to watch it since President Monson called us on missions. But it was wonderful, I am so grateful for his service and for calling me on a mission. I won't ever forget President Monson, he is a wonderful man and he was the Lords servant, the Prophet of God. But remember that I whole-heartedly sustain and support President Neilson as the new Prophet, and his counselors. I will do all I can to support them in their callings (that is what a sustaining is for, right?) I loved what they said, particularly President Neilson’s remarks on him serving with all he has left. Similarly, I am here to serve the Lord, I love this Gospel and it is so wonderful to share.

But real quick I wanted to share something I have learned on my mission. I hope you think about it and apply it, because that is key. We were in Sunday school this Sunday and talked about the council in heaven. The teacher asked who was there and someone says we were all there. Of course we know this is true, and someone else remarked about how many there must have been. And up goes a hand of a very kind lady in the back. Her remark was along the lines of we must have had some technology we don't have now to be able to fit all of us in one area to hear the council. Now I am meaning no disrespect to her, so please follow me with this thought. But I am pointing out that her comment has absolutely no relevance to us in any way. That was my thought, and there is something so sweet and simple about it, in everything. Sometimes we get caught up in the details of things, such as technology in the pre earth life, or perhaps another one such as did Adam have a belly button. But that simply isn't important. What is important is understanding the principles we can live and use in our daily. Such as the words of Isaiah, many are confused about the hard language and comparisons he uses throughout. But it is easy to understand the purpose, that he is showing us that the Lord never forgets us. And when we apply that knowledge, by asking for help because he is there always, we will feel the spirit and receive strength through the Atonement. So this week, if you think about anything, ask yourself, how can I apply this? Love you all have a good one!

Elder Ollis

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

01/09/2018 - I Love the Lord. He Is Always There and Does Answer Our Most Humble Desires

Well hello everyone!!!

Well to update you on the week. To be honest this has been such a strange week. I am excited since the holidays are over to get back to some normal things. Stores will be open again and more people will be home. I am excited. But nonetheless we saw some cool experiences. During our weekly planning session this week, me and Elder Crockett felt we should set some better goals. Cardston is really hard because there isn't much work with non members. But there are people here to bring closer to Christ, through baptism. I know it. We don't have any investigators now, but we set a goal to have a baptism on the 24th of Febuary. Nearly 2 months away, enough time to find, teach, and baptize someone. So we have this goal in mind. 

We decided to fast for it and invited some members to join us in this fast. Well the lord works in mysterious ways. While at church a member approaches us before priesthood and says "Elders, my father in law wants to take the discussions, and has read the book of mormon and is currently trying to finish doctrine and covenants. He is excited to hear about the gospel!" It was so cool, the Lord really does provide! But haha, there was a catch. The man lives in a retirement center that we don't cover. So we aren't going to be able to teach him. Which is hard, but I do believe that was an answer to our fast and prayers. Whether it was with us or not, it is someone coming unto Christ. I just want you all to know that I love the Lord. He is always there and does answer our most humble desires. Love you all! 

Elder Ollis

In an email to Elder Ollis' dad: It is hard but we keep working. I love this work and I love the members, we are furthering the work in this area and that is the most important thing.  

Please also send this picture to Brother Sudweeks, I met Ryan Merkley and his family!  He grew up with Brother Sudweeks!  Small world!

01/05/2018 - Ryan Merkley and family, members who know Elder Ollis' bishopric counselor at home