Tuesday, June 19, 2018

6/19/2018 - Goodbye to President & Sister Miles...and The Lord Wants Us To Be Worthy, Not Perfect

Well it’s me again. So crazy week. Not really sure what happened it was super fast. So to begin we had a good week. It rained a little and it was so fun to be out in the rain trying to find people to teach. We had a zone conference wednesday and it was such a good conference. It was from 2-5, which is remarkably short for a zone conference, but it was really fun as it was at the Chapel in my first area! It was super fun to go back to where it all began. haha. It was also President Miles last zone conference. We talked about the prophet and the book of mormon and how we can be a more exactly obedient mission, but being obedient because we love the Lord. It was great. We heard some last words from President Miles and Sister miles. Then we gave them a hug and said goodbye. They leave in about a week. It was so good to hear their last bit of advice, it was about staying on the covenant path and to marry someone that wants to stay on as much as you. It was great and I will really miss them!

06/17/2018 - Elder Ollis with President and Sister Miles

Then we had another cool miracle. Our bishop called us, and said our investigator Josh wants to be baptized. His family was taught a while ago and his mom and brother were baptized but he was not. He didn't want to. So it was exciting after a couple of months of coming to church and pondering the decision on his own he wants to be baptized. He is on date for the 30th of June. Cool miracle. To be honest I didn't do anything. Like really I had one lesson with that family. But it is great news! We also had stake conference. Elder Maynes came, which would have been way exciting except that we just had the prophet come. But it was still great to hear from him, he pointed out something during the sunday morning session that I really liked. He said the Lord wants us to be Worthy, not perfect. How many times do we feel that we are inadequate because we aren't perfect? We should embrace it and move forward. He also said everytime we hear the word repentance we should get excited. It was a great conference. But that was about a wrap on our week. We also got to see president Miles again at our stake conference and say goodbye for the very last time. But love you all hope you have a good week!

06/12/2018 - Elder Ollis and companion, Elder Johnson, with Bishop Barbeau's Family. They are awesome!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

06/12/2018 - I Absolutely Know President Nelson is a Prophet

Well hello everyone. Thanks for your birthday wishes! I sure appreciated them! But we had a great week this week. Had a great miracle that started tuesday. We went to the mall last pday because we have this huge mall here. We were eating lunch and some guy asks if he can sit with us. Well we talk with him and he said he just felt like he should come over here and sit with us, which was great. He is a cool dude and loves Christ so we invited him to meet with us and he said yeah. So we text him and met him Friday and picked him up as a new investigator. It was awesome! Had a great lesson and he had tons of questions about the church.  He had a friend that served an LDS Mission and he spoke highly of this friend. It was cool to see. He doesn't live in our area so we are going to pass him off this next week. But it was a cool experience. Then thursday we had interviews with President Miles.  It was really good, and to be honest, it was the most normal interview ever. I don't think President Miles wants to go because it was just super regular. Haha it was so funny, not quite what I expected but it was good to hear from President. They also sang happy birthday for me, which was super funny. 

Then we had the prophet visit on Saturday so we got to help set up the chairs for the event. Our stake center was packed with over 1400 chairs. It was such an amazing experience! The doors opened to seat people at 4:30 and he spoke at 6:00 but people were lined up before 3:00. Now we would have loved to be front row but that was simply not possible. We had work we needed to get done that day, we got there early and the place was already pretty full so we were back in the gym. But had pretty decent seats. I wasn't able to shake his hand, to be honest hardly anyone could.  They were on a time crunch and they showed up, spoke and left very quickly, so no time for any greeting or anything. It was such an incredible session though. We heard first from sister Rasband, who talked about following the Prophet. It was cool to hear that from someone so close to him. She also talked about obedience. Then Elder Rasband spoke about similar, following the Prophet and how he is a special witness of Christ. It was a really awesome talk, so powerful as he testified of Christ. Then Sister Nelson spoke, she had such an interesting talk. She talked about the broadcast last week and what she said is how much opposition they felt that week before they were going to speak because Satan did not want them to share what they had planned. She compared it to Joseph Smith before he had the first vision. It was fascinating as they talked about how there were so many temptations. Then she talked about how often and how much revelation the Prophet receives since he got his calling. She said she has felt the hastening of the work simply through how often she is prompted to leave their room in the night. It was such a great talk. Then President Nelson spoke, he shared about the Book of Mormon. Very similar to his talk at conference except he seemed much more relaxed and was so funny to listen to. It was a great talk. He shared some of his experiences with sharing the Book of Mormon and then he talked about what the Book of Mormon confirms, refutes, and basically just testified that it will fix your problems if you read and apply its message. It was awesome, we had 2 of our investigators there and they loved it!  They truly felt that he was the Prophet. And one felt the need to read the Book of Mormon. It was awesome. But I just wanted to say I absolutely know President Nelson is a prophet, we were encouraged to go with a question and I definitely received an answer to my question. I know that he is the prophet of God.  During the solemn assembly I felt the spirit confirm that, and I definitely felt the spirit again as we were able to hear from him. I love this work and am so blessed for this opportunity to hear from the prophet again!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

06/05/2018 - Working, Praying and Fasting...And the Lord Provides

Well what a week. Holy crow. (yes that is a common saying up her in Canada)

Anyway. I can't begin to recount what happened this week. But I will fill you in on the highlights. First off. We were working SOO hard this week. We were grinding and really striving to find. It was good. And the Lord blessed us. But we also over did it. A little physically. Haha, we started doing insanity friday night, it kicked my butt. Then saturday we rode bikes all day and did insanity again that evening. Lets just say I can barely walk again. I haven't been that sore in a long time. But the real highlights were when we drove down to Lethbridge on Wednesday for MLC…President's last MLC. I will miss President Miles so much! It was so touching to hear his last testimony at an MLC and see the love they both have for the work and for us. It was awesome. Also weird, all the sister missionaries who came out with me go home this transfer. 

05/29/2018 - Final MLC with President and Sister Miles

Skip a few days and we were biking. Seeking to find people to teach and the Lord blessed us with a dope miracle. We were going and I took a wrong turn and took us up a huge hill. We had to turn around and on our way down a lady asks us for help. She needed help pumping up her bike tires. So we took her to a gas station across the street. Turns out her bike tire needed the smaller attachment instead of the regular one. Well, last week I found a road bike in our apartment and went out and bought that type of pump for it. So we had the right pump and helped her out and she wants to meet with us now! Miracle!! It was so cool. Then Sunday night we swung by a guy we found on Saturday who kinda said sure come back Sunday. Which usually doesn't turn out, but we taught him lesson one and picked up a new investigator!! It is truly what that ward and us needed, to be honest. We had been working, praying and fasting to find someone and the Lord provides. He was a very Christian individual and loves Christ, he’s married and has a cool dog. We are excited to teach him more and he was excited about eternal families and the Book of Mormon. So that was the best!. 

And on monday we had a zone meeting where we presented a training and went to lunch after with Brother Johnson in our ward. It was so cool! Bro Johnson got home from his mission last Wednesday and he was ready to go out with us haha, so we went to subway and he got 2 other guys to come with us. Both were RM's of about 1 month. Haha. (Bro Johnson’s dad is in our bishopric, he is a fly fishing guide. Lets just say we get along really well, he wants to take me out)  Well as you can imagine it was super fun and we talked to everyone at the subway about the church. Bro Johnson bought lunch for a guy who needed it and we taught him quite a bit about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon as we ate and we also gave him one. I Invited him to church and we also gave away a pamphlet and our number to the employees there. It was a good day. 

But I am most excited for the next week. It is going to be awesome, we have interviews Thursday with President, our last ones. Then we have the Prophet on Saturday and Elder Rasband!! We are so blessed and I am so excited. But I hope you all know that I know that Our Savior is there. He loves each of us. And right when we feel we are alone is the moment he always helps us out. So if you feel that way, please turn to Christ! Gotta go!

Elder Ollis

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

05/29/2018 - Just Evidence That the Lord is Looking Out For His Servants

Hello Everyone. 

So THIS WAS A WILD WEEK. Just going to start with that one. So Tuesday we had a great lesson with a less active sister in our ward. Her daughter is not a member yet. So we were teaching her. It was a super good lesson. Then we find out that I taught her sister in Cardston. So small world. Kinda cool little thing that happened. 

Then we got transfer calls. And much to the surprise of us, Elder Sagapolu got transferred down to Lethbridge and I got Elder Johnson from Lethbridge (who is actually from Cedar City, Utah), they did a switch. And I really excited to serve with him! So Wednesday we were biking and had a good day and then transfers Thursday. Transfers are weird here because up in the North everyone meets who is getting transferred in the morning. Then the two vans drive everyone who is going south down to Lethbridge where all the south meets and do transfers, and the missionaries going north get back into the vans and come back up north to meet all the missionaries and their new companions from those coming from the south. My comp was coming from the south. Anyway, weird day because they just put me with another Elder who was waiting for his comp too and we went and did a little work in his area while we waited. Kinda strange day. 

Well we make it back to transfers and one van arrives but the other is late. Well we keep waiting, and waiting. Turns out the transfer van carrying 6 missionaries (including my comp) wrecked, it got blown off the road and rolled 3 times. So we were just waiting for our companions. It was a wild day. Just evidence that the Lord is looking out for his servants, none of them were seriously hurt, the worst was the driver who got a cut on his head and that is it. And crazy thing too, two of the missionaries' seat belts came off when they rolled but they were totally unharmed. But after a long wait 3 elders made it up and 3 went to the hospital and all were released that evening. So we finally got together as a companionship and had to cancel our appointments because President wanted us to go to the doctor to get checked out. So that was the big news. 

The rest of the week went better. We were out searching for people and in member's homes searching for people to teach. We almost picked up a new investigator, we tracted into this lady that seemed interested, and got an appointment for yesterday. But she wasn't home when we got there. We will try again, but it was cool, they had a lambo and a Mazzarati chillin' in the drive way. But that's a wrap of the wild week. Love you all.

5/22/2018 - It is Officially Summer

Hello everyone.

Well crazy quick week. Last week was fun, we went to a military museum and saw a bunch of stuff. Lots of guns and things. Pretty cool. It was cool to see things from World War One, as Canada played a big part in that war. Also to see all the Royal things they had since this isn't the US, it was a unique experience. Also it is officially summer, all the nice cars are out. I saw probably 10 lambo's, a couple of ferrari's, an audi R8, a ton of muscle cars and tons of porsches. So that has been cool! And I see a bentley probably everyday. 

But we had a super fast week. Wednesday we had our walking day. And we took our bikes out. Haha it was fun but my bike was a piece of junk. We found them at our apartment, the seat was made of duct tape, I had two gears (1 and 2) and the kickstand would prevent me from pedalling until I ripped it off. IT WAS SUPER FUN! you get some funny looks but I loved it. We talked to a bunch of people which was the highlight of our week. We keep searching to find more people to teach and we are close. We have some potentials we are working with and they are so close but we just need a lesson. Then a new gator. 

Transfer calls go out tonight and transfers are thursday. I will stay since this is my first transfer here and Elder Sagapolu will probably stay too. But our zone is getting mixed up. 3 are training and getting new missionaries, one is going home and two elders are getting replaced by sisters. So most of the zone will get changed around. But that is about all I got for ya. Love you all! 

05/15/2018 - Elder Ollis at the Military Museum

Sunday, May 20, 2018

05/15/2018 - Keep Going, You Know I Will

Well hello to all.
Another week has cruised by. It is wild. This coming sunday is the last sunday of the transfer. So Elder Sagapolu and I should stay another one together. But about our week. Well nothing too crazy happened. We did our walking day saturday and were out all day talking to as many people as we could. Then we had a ward party that night with the intent of getting some non-members there. They didn't come but it was good we were able to be around the ward and there were a couple of other non-members that showed up that a member invited. So we were able to talk with them. It was cool. Also one of our members rolled up in a Lambo. So that was cool. I didn't get pictures though. Kinda sad but we ran out of time. 

Then we got to see the fam on mother’s day. Kinda weird to have my third call but it was good to see the family. They have changed so much. So that was cool. Happy graduation to Syd!  Then later Sunday night we went on exchanges with the assistants. It was super good. I was with Elder Grinwis in their area. It was cool because Elder Grinwis has only one more exchange. He goes home soon. So that was fun to be one of his last. We had a solid day and we put in work just like always and had a great exchange. 

And today, well we actually have been up since 5:45 this morning. We went to seminary and helped out role playing with all the youth and helping them answer questions they might encounter with Scriptures. It was really weird to do that today but it was the only time we could get in. Super fun. But love you all. Keep going, you know I will!

Elder O

5/13/18 - Mother's Day Gift of an Amazing Testimony!

We received a very thoughtful email from sweet Sister Morgan, who hosted Elder Ollis and Elder Sagapolu for dinner on Mother's Day.  She wanted to know a favorite meal or dessert so she could prepare it for them so they felt right at home on Mother's Day.  What a thoughtful lady!  She shared a great meal with them and then they were able to FaceTime with all of us at home. We appreciate her willingness to share her Mother's Day with the Elders and make her home available for a visit!

So good to see Elder Ollis and hear that he is doing well and enjoying his newest area in Calgary! It was good to visit with him and get caught up with everyone at home.  Elder Ollis asked if he could share his testimony with us at the end of the call and I have posted it below!  What a beautiful testimony and way to end my amazing Mother's Day!