Sunday, May 20, 2018

05/15/2018 - Keep Going, You Know I Will

Well hello to all.
Another week has cruised by. It is wild. This coming sunday is the last sunday of the transfer. So Elder Sagapolu and I should stay another one together. But about our week. Well nothing too crazy happened. We did our walking day saturday and were out all day talking to as many people as we could. Then we had a ward party that night with the intent of getting some non-members there. They didn't come but it was good we were able to be around the ward and there were a couple of other non-members that showed up that a member invited. So we were able to talk with them. It was cool. Also one of our members rolled up in a Lambo. So that was cool. I didn't get pictures though. Kinda sad but we ran out of time. 

Then we got to see the fam on mother’s day. Kinda weird to have my third call but it was good to see the family. They have changed so much. So that was cool. Happy graduation to Syd!  Then later Sunday night we went on exchanges with the assistants. It was super good. I was with Elder Grinwis in their area. It was cool because Elder Grinwis has only one more exchange. He goes home soon. So that was fun to be one of his last. We had a solid day and we put in work just like always and had a great exchange. 

And today, well we actually have been up since 5:45 this morning. We went to seminary and helped out role playing with all the youth and helping them answer questions they might encounter with Scriptures. It was really weird to do that today but it was the only time we could get in. Super fun. But love you all. Keep going, you know I will!

Elder O

5/13/18 - Mother's Day Gift of an Amazing Testimony!

We received a very thoughtful email from sweet Sister Morgan, who hosted Elder Ollis and Elder Sagapolu for dinner on Mother's Day.  She wanted to know a favorite meal or dessert so she could prepare it for them so they felt right at home on Mother's Day.  What a thoughtful lady!  She shared a great meal with them and then they were able to FaceTime with all of us at home. We appreciate her willingness to share her Mother's Day with the Elders and make her home available for a visit!

So good to see Elder Ollis and hear that he is doing well and enjoying his newest area in Calgary! It was good to visit with him and get caught up with everyone at home.  Elder Ollis asked if he could share his testimony with us at the end of the call and I have posted it below!  What a beautiful testimony and way to end my amazing Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

05/08/2018 - We Do Not Doubt Our Mothers Knew It

Hey yall!!!!   (If you don't think yall is proper english then please look up 3 Nephi 18:24

Well we had another week. They keep flying by. It is wild. But we had a goodish week. Didn't start off the best, wednesday we got dropped by one of our two investigators. She has been taught for months and just can't be baptized because of a tricky situation that I don't want to explain. But she still will get baptized sometime, she came to church and comes almost every week she just doesn't want to meet with us anymore. So that wasn't the best start but things are still good. We keep working hard. We meet with as many members as we can and are trying to find those who have someone they can invite to learn more. It is a slow process but we are working hard. When we are not meeting we are out working hard. Trying to find as many people as we can. We have also been working on our areabook. A little bit each day. We have to enter manually every former investigator and potential investigator into our areabook app. Which needs to get done so that is not my favorite thing but we are doing it anyway. But that is about all the exciting news. 

We went on another exchange this week with the Wildwood Elders again. I was there again with Elder Sessions, our distirct leader. It was good, I served around Elder Sessions back in my Lethbridge days. It is cool to see how much people grow. It was awesome!  We were biking around downtown calgary, which was a first for me and I almost died. My legs were toast. But it was fun. That is all I got this week. Nothing too exciting, we have a lesson tonight with a potential who seemed excited about the book of mormon. So we will see how it goes. 

But lastly, it is mothers day this week and I just wanted to share a little something to say thanks to my wonderful mother. And as I pondered this thought, what my mother has done for me, I couldn't really explain that one. So I will do my best. I am so grateful to be on a mission and I know that the best preparation for this experience came from within the home, especially things I learned from my mother. No way would I be able to do the things I do without the help of her. Especially grateful for the testimony I developed of my Savior. I know He lives, I know He loves us and I know that He helps us through the toughest of times. I am grateful for my mom sharing this with me. I know all things are possible with the Savior on our side. And the words of Alma support me in this thought, as speaking of the Stripling Warriors, Helaman says " We do not doubt our mothers knew it." Love ya mom, thanks for all the help! 

See ya! Elder Ollis

05/03/2018 - Zone Conference

Monday, May 7, 2018

05/01/2018 - It's Short Sleeve Time...."Suns Out, Guns Out!"

Well hello everyone, can you believe it is May!

So this week was a good week. We saw some cool miracles and we are working hard. Nothing to crazy to report. We had some sad news too, where one of our two investigators said she doesn't want to get baptized anymore. So we are meeting with her tomorrow to see what comes of it. Our other investigator is tricky to meet with right now, they had this big move all week and the ward was great in helping out. It was awesome. But as for that it was a wonderful week. The temperature was amazing. It was short sleeve time! Suns out, guns out! It was nice to not have a coat on. And that means people are out and we can talk to them! But we were also able to go on exchanges with the downtown Elders. I was with Elder Reed. It was a great exchange, Elder Reed goes home this transfer so it was cool to be with him on one of his last exchanges. It was great. I will send a picture of down town from the window of their apartment. 

Also big news! President Nelson and Elder Rasband are coming to this stake to give some sort of devotional. I AM SO EXCITED!! He is first visiting Edmonton, then here in the Calgary Stake then down in Raymond. We haven't had a member of the 12 visit this mission in a long time so pray for us that they meet the whole mission! But either way pray that I don't get transfered before that happens here! It happens in June! 

Other than that had one more cool experience. We had dinner at the Atkins this sunday. They are a super awesome family and have a house down in Utah. Holladay, Utah. Turns out they know Reid Dimond. So that was a cool experience. Still finding connections to home. Kinda wild. But love yall. Hope you are enjoying the snow. It shouldn't snow again her but it is canada. Love y'all! keep working hard. You know I will! 

Monday, April 23, 2018

4/17/2018 - I am SOOOO Sad to Leave Cardston!

Well hello everyone! So this week was a wild one. But on a more serious note. I got transferred this week. Which has some pros and Cons, first I am SOOOOO sad to leave Cardston! I love that place so much, I will miss it dearly. But the pros are I have a new companion from Ogden Utah. Elder Sagapolu. Hes a dope kid and we get along well which is good..... change is good! We got the transfer calls tuesday night and left thursday morning. I went north again. Up to Calgary. It  was fun, on the 2 and a half hour drive up, I was in a car with Elder Wiwchar and Vea. So that was cool! good to catch up with two of my previous companions. 

I am still a zone leader just serving up in the Richmond ward and Calgary 4th ward in the Calgary Zone. Our zone is in the Downtown Calgary area. Which is a unique place. We don't cover it all however, our area is more of the edge of Calgary in the South West quadrant. All I can say is this place is WEALTHY. These homes here are stupid big, and apparently in the summer it isn't uncommon for a lambo or ferrari to roll up to church.... There is a lot of money. But as for that It has been quite the adjustment from Cardston to Calgary, small town to HUGE city so that has been interesting but I have adjusted well. We have some investigators, havent met them yet. They don't seem very solid however. This area of course just had a baptism before I got here, just my luck so we are going to do what has happened in previous areas, work as hard as we can, then find people to teach and when they get ready for baptism I will get transferred!. Haha hopefully not but It is up to the Lord. But I do want to find someone to baptize badly. Anyway, I am done with this email because this keyboard is frustrating me. Have a good week yall. Especially you SYD!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2018

4/10/2018 - I Am Working Hard and Things are Going

Just to let you know about the going ons. I am working hard and things are going. This Sunday was crazy, I spoke at sacrament meeting and my companion was gone because we had the Eagle Speakers family coming to church so we were on splits. It was great. We have another lesson with them this week. They should be more consistent now. Apparently they didn't quite understand that they needed to meet with us and have all the lessons before baptism, so not sure how that wasn't understood but we cleared it up and they should be doing better hopefully. 

But as for that, nothing crazy to report. I was super excited to see our Bishop again, Bishop Leavitt in 7th ward finally got back from Hawaii. He was gone for like 3 weeks and it was awesome to meet with him again. He said he loved Hawaii but would have rather been here working with us. So that was a super nice thing to say because I don't think I could say the same thing! haha. But that is about it, we have transfer calls that go out tonight. I don't really know what I hope happens, or will happen. I really don't want to leave Cardston. I don't know what will happen, kinda have a feeling I am leaving but we will see. That's it, hope you have a good week everyone!

Monday, April 9, 2018


Well everyone, here is another one. You are probably getting sick of these, so I am going to mix it up a bit. I am going to send a PICTURE or two!

But first the important stuff, so this week was a grinder. Things just didn't quite go the way we wanted them to. We are struggling to meet with our investigators, the family named the Eagle Speakers (yes they are natives, and yes that is a regular native name). They are still on date for the 28th. But it is looking a little like we might not make that date if they can't visit with us. But I am sure the prayers we will give will help. But then Conference was a great refresher I needed. What an amazing general conference. All I can say is wow! We have a prophet of God again on the Earth. I will share some more thoughts at the end about that one.

This week it also snowed, a lot, like 6+ inches. In April. So that was exciting I love when it snows. It was also cool, yesterday we had a little time before we had a lesson and we went to visit Jason. He is a less active who we had previously been working with. Cool dude, his wife is not a member and she loves us, the hard part is teaching her. Well Jason has been gone since about February working up north and he might finally be back for a bit because of spring break up (when working up north on the oil rigs there is a time in spring where the ground thaws and all the equipment has to shut down or it will sink in the Mud. they call it spring break up). So it was exciting to talk with him and we are going to go visit him tonight and hopefully be able to help him again. He is a cool dude he wanted to take us snowmobiling down the streets, he also told me to come back and visit after the mission and he has a friend who could hook it up with heliskiing! So that’s dope! But we are hoping to help him quite smoking. 

As for General Conference, I hope you all understand we are a part of the Restoration, the dispensation that ushers in the Coming of Christ. Well he isn't here yet and we are still apart of the work that only began with Joseph Smith and has not ceased and will not cease until Christ comes again. HOW COOL IS THAT! DON'T YOU FEEL A PART OF SOMETHING! It is so exciting! With all the changes it is evident that the Lord is continuing to hasten his work! Ephesians 1:10 "That in the dispensation of the fulness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him." I know that these changes are for exactly that, fulfilling scripture by helping us come closer to Christ, by bringing others with us, member or not. I am so excited for these changes, it is evidence that the Lord will come and a testimony builder that the Lord trusts us to perform them. He loves us and I love him and am so happy to do his work here in Canada! Love you all! Ponder the magnitude of what happened!

Love, Elder Ollis

In an email to dad: Holy cow was it just me or when President Nelson came out of the tunnel to begin conference did he look like a lion sprinting out and ready to take on the world! I whole-heartedly support the changes that have been made, absolutely. It makes much more sense to me. I feel as there have been remarkable changes to missionary work even since Draper has been out that you may not know about, and the changes at conference just reflect, simplify and improve the ability to do the work. After all that is what these changes are for, to bring us as members more prepared and inline with the Saviour and bring others closer to Christ as well. It is truly inspired.

03/12/2018 - Cardston Horses

04/02/2018 - April snow in Cardston