Monday, April 16, 2018

4/10/2018 - I Am Working Hard and Things are Going

Just to let you know about the going ons. I am working hard and things are going. This Sunday was crazy, I spoke at sacrament meeting and my companion was gone because we had the Eagle Speakers family coming to church so we were on splits. It was great. We have another lesson with them this week. They should be more consistent now. Apparently they didn't quite understand that they needed to meet with us and have all the lessons before baptism, so not sure how that wasn't understood but we cleared it up and they should be doing better hopefully. 

But as for that, nothing crazy to report. I was super excited to see our Bishop again, Bishop Leavitt in 7th ward finally got back from Hawaii. He was gone for like 3 weeks and it was awesome to meet with him again. He said he loved Hawaii but would have rather been here working with us. So that was a super nice thing to say because I don't think I could say the same thing! haha. But that is about it, we have transfer calls that go out tonight. I don't really know what I hope happens, or will happen. I really don't want to leave Cardston. I don't know what will happen, kinda have a feeling I am leaving but we will see. That's it, hope you have a good week everyone!

Monday, April 9, 2018


Well everyone, here is another one. You are probably getting sick of these, so I am going to mix it up a bit. I am going to send a PICTURE or two!

But first the important stuff, so this week was a grinder. Things just didn't quite go the way we wanted them to. We are struggling to meet with our investigators, the family named the Eagle Speakers (yes they are natives, and yes that is a regular native name). They are still on date for the 28th. But it is looking a little like we might not make that date if they can't visit with us. But I am sure the prayers we will give will help. But then Conference was a great refresher I needed. What an amazing general conference. All I can say is wow! We have a prophet of God again on the Earth. I will share some more thoughts at the end about that one.

This week it also snowed, a lot, like 6+ inches. In April. So that was exciting I love when it snows. It was also cool, yesterday we had a little time before we had a lesson and we went to visit Jason. He is a less active who we had previously been working with. Cool dude, his wife is not a member and she loves us, the hard part is teaching her. Well Jason has been gone since about February working up north and he might finally be back for a bit because of spring break up (when working up north on the oil rigs there is a time in spring where the ground thaws and all the equipment has to shut down or it will sink in the Mud. they call it spring break up). So it was exciting to talk with him and we are going to go visit him tonight and hopefully be able to help him again. He is a cool dude he wanted to take us snowmobiling down the streets, he also told me to come back and visit after the mission and he has a friend who could hook it up with heliskiing! So that’s dope! But we are hoping to help him quite smoking. 

As for General Conference, I hope you all understand we are a part of the Restoration, the dispensation that ushers in the Coming of Christ. Well he isn't here yet and we are still apart of the work that only began with Joseph Smith and has not ceased and will not cease until Christ comes again. HOW COOL IS THAT! DON'T YOU FEEL A PART OF SOMETHING! It is so exciting! With all the changes it is evident that the Lord is continuing to hasten his work! Ephesians 1:10 "That in the dispensation of the fulness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him." I know that these changes are for exactly that, fulfilling scripture by helping us come closer to Christ, by bringing others with us, member or not. I am so excited for these changes, it is evidence that the Lord will come and a testimony builder that the Lord trusts us to perform them. He loves us and I love him and am so happy to do his work here in Canada! Love you all! Ponder the magnitude of what happened!

Love, Elder Ollis

In an email to dad: Holy cow was it just me or when President Nelson came out of the tunnel to begin conference did he look like a lion sprinting out and ready to take on the world! I whole-heartedly support the changes that have been made, absolutely. It makes much more sense to me. I feel as there have been remarkable changes to missionary work even since Draper has been out that you may not know about, and the changes at conference just reflect, simplify and improve the ability to do the work. After all that is what these changes are for, to bring us as members more prepared and inline with the Saviour and bring others closer to Christ as well. It is truly inspired.

03/12/2018 - Cardston Horses

04/02/2018 - April snow in Cardston

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

03/27/2018 - Miracles Happen Everywhere

Hey everyone.

Well this week was about as bitter sweet as you can get. So first update on the funny things that happened. Last Wednesday we hit a deer, hahahahaha. It was so stupid. We were coming around a corner and we spot him and slow down to like 15-30 kilometers and get to the right side of the road. Well the thing wanted to be hit and kept following in front of the car and we dinged it. haha it went rolling and ran off and we only have a small dent. But we had to fill out an accident report which is not fun. But we are totally fine, so is the car. Just the fun things that happen on the mission. It is also crazy how many deer are in Cardston right now. Because of the fires in Waterton all the deer moved east. Right into Cardston. So we have a crazy amount.

Just to update you on D, our investigator who was to be baptized. Well we dropped her as an investigator and have requested no contact with her from the ward. Sad how things go this way but something happened with her and it just is not a good situation and no one should be involved. I don't want to get into details. So that one kinda sucked to be honest, got my hopes up for a baptism.

But the good part of the week is we were able to go on exchanges with the assistants this week. They came down to Cardston and we blitzed the area. It was good to be having that much work done in our area and it was a good exchange. During the exchange we had a pass off lesson from the sisters who found a family of 4 who began investigating. They live in our area. They invited them to be baptized and so we are now teaching them! It was cool, they even invited friends to come listen to the lesson that night as well and we found 2 more gators! They came to church and that was the first time I met them. So very exciting stuff.

One more cool miracle from the Elders in Raymond. Raymond has been slow for the past few transfers, but is the hottest finding area in the zone right now. It's because the Elders are fired up and they have had experiences like this one. When they work as hard as they can and they are walking down the street and a guy pulls over and says: " just the guys I have been looking for.”  He says he has been less active most of his life and his daughter who is 12 won't stop bothering him about wanting to be baptized. So he says, “I want to baptize her. Could you boys come over and teach her and help me get active again?" So miracles happen everywhere, even in small Mormon towns like Raymond.

Love you all and hope you have a good week!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

03/20/2018 - So We Set a Goal to Change It...The Results Were Amazing


Well we had a good week. It was a quick one to be honest. Things are going good. It’s funny how the Lord gives ya a tough one, only to follow it up with one full of blessings. We found two new investigators this week and are really excited to find some more. But the big news I just wanted to share is what has been going on in our zone. The greatest zone in the mission is the Cardston zone, but finding usually is a little down compared to other places. So we set a goal to find 45 new investigators at zone conference with our zone this transfer. That is more than anything reported at MLC this last month. The simple fact is, and President would agree, we aren't finding enough. So we set a goal to change it.

It was fun at zone conference. President gives an hour to the zone leaders and STLs to teach the zone. And we set this goal. I got them all fired up (using 3 Nephi 7 and the idea that nothing is impossible) and I swear we were about to blow up before we finished! It was super fun! But the results were amazing. Our zone found 10 new people between Thursday and Sunday!  So when you have faith, the Lord does provide. It was exciting to see everyone’s faith build. And the best part is we are totally on track to find 45 new investigators this transfer. I am so excited to report that one at MLC!  So, yes things are going good! There is so much energy in our zone right now and the Lord is blessing us!! Hope y'all have a good one!

03/07/2018 - Mission Leadership Council

Thursday, March 15, 2018

03/13/2018 - I Was So Ready to Partake of the Sacrament This Week

Hey everyone

Well another week is gone, and glad to put this one behind us. It was a tough one. Which is good. I hadn't had one of those in a while and we gotta grow, right. But anyway. It was a crazy week, we had so much to do and it seemed like all I could do was mess up scheduling. So it was stressful. Also our new cell phones were turned on last week Tuesday, and we didn't have mine or our SIM card so we asked to have ours wait to be activated. Well there was a mix up and we had no phone to communicate for nearly 2 days. So that was stressful haha. But it is all behind us. I was so ready to partake of the Sacrament this week and it was a great experience. I even got to bless it, which I hadn't done in a long time so that was a highlight of my week. 

What also was really cool, Our investigator Deanna is doing awesome. We met her mom and she had a lot of questions, but was interested in family history which is exciting. And Deanna also brought another nonmember to church! She is sharing the gospel and it is so awesome! We also were surprised when our other investigator was able to come to church. Surprised us! It was super exciting. The lord surely blessed us.

Another strange thing happened this week. President challenged us to tract in Cardston. Which is so strange since over 80% of Cardston is LDS. But we did and it was awesome. Maybe I am one of those weird missionaries but I like tracting. I thought I was in Cardston because president once told me I tract too much. haha but it was awesome. We were able to share so many lessons, since there are so many members and believe it or not we found a potential investigator haha! So that’s fun! We also had a member tell us he wasn't interested in a message at all. Which was super funny.

03/09/2018 - A Surprise Visit from Mark Broadhead!

But things are going better. It was a grinder but there’s nothing like taking the sacrament and getting back out there. It’s all you need. But I also wanted to mention it was so cool to be able to see Mark Broadhead, my neighbor back home! It worked out so well, we had interviews and I was able to ask President if I could see him and he said sure. So it was good to see someone from home! Love you all. Hope you have a good week and hope things go well! I love this work!

Elder Ollis

03/13/2018 - Received another picture via text of Elder Ollis and Elder Del Molino putting down some wings!

Friday, March 9, 2018

03/06/2018 - If You Can't Draw Them to Christ, You Drive Them

Well hello everyone. 

Hope your week was good. To update you on what has been going on. This week was super weird. It was Transfers. Elder Crockett got transferred sadly, we worked really well together, and he was one of my more favorite companions. He went to Okotoks to finish training a new missionary, and he was super excited. Probably will be his last area. I got Elder Del Molino. He is from Spain, Bilboa. So how my mission has been, I always have a Utah comp and then a not Utah Comp. But it should be good. He is good, people like him, probably because he isn't from Utah. But anyway on the more exciting news, I finished my bullwhip, about 5 weeks and 400 feet of paracord later and I got it done. It was worth it. 

But as for the other stuff, transfer week is always weird as its scrambling to figure things out a bit when you take over an area and we had a lot of administration to do like training district leaders and all sorts of things. But we are doing good. We also were on a big conference call yesterday with all the zone leaders and STLs in the mission and someone from salt lake to learn how to set up the phones. Ours are up (except me, I don't have one yet) and we are going to have to train our zone at some point about how to set them up (haha, which is funny since you all know how good I am with that stuff) and we have MLC this week. It has been crazy and a blur. But we were able to see Deanna this week. She is still doing good, she had a rough week as it was the anniversary of her fathers passing. But our bishop was able to give her a blessing and it really helped her. But we have a lesson with her tonight. As for that, our other investigators are still going, not progressing too quickly but super slow, so we will see.

But I wanted you all to know I love this gospel. I love being a missionary. it has brought me so much peace and joy. I am here to work hard, and I have been working as hard as I can. The Lord has asked me to serve, and so I give him all I can. And I know that my saviour has been helping me along the way. I love this work, It is the Lords work and I know that it will bless someone. Love you all! 

(Also quick little doctrine moment. Those of us that have been baptized have been adopted into the house of Israel and become part of the Abrahamic Covenant. Another reason to share the gospel is to fulfill this covenant the seed of Abraham have to share the gospel. No one since Abraham who has shared the gospel and not been part of his seed. So to fulfill your covenants share it!)

This is how we get people to church in the Canada Calgary mission. If you can't draw them to Christ you drive them.

This video is me cracking Elder Crocketts whip. The popper of mine broke off right before the video.