07/31/2017 - The "Funeral" for an Elder who is going home

07/31/2017 - Elder Ollis and Elder Wincher with investigator, Adeline, and her dog Savannah

07/31/2017 - Elder Ollis with the Berkes, a couple the missionaries helped build a fence

07/29/2017 - Brother Nagtalon, a good member Elder Ollis helped move

07/23/2017 - Kathy, our member contact, Elder Ollis, Elder Wiwchar, and Hue

07/24/2017 - Picture Postcard from Elder Ollis to Elder Christiansen who is going home

07/18/2017 - Another P Day picture

07/18/2017 - P Day with the Zone

07/04/2017 - Our investigator Adeline with her one month old Blood Hound puppy

07/04/2017 - Elder Ollis and Elder Wiwchar with Adeline's puppy

07/10/2017 - Elder Ollis with Adeline's puppy who sits at his feet when he teaches a lesson

06/20/2017 - A look at the Apartment

06/20/2017 - Another look at the Apartment

06/30/2017 - Elder Ollis has always loved Canada Dry, but they really stepped up their game with this one!

06/30/2017 - Minor Malfunction with Elder W's chair

06/20/2017 - Elder Ollis is a little excited for July 4th so he drew this on their wall calendar!

06/20/2017 - Elder Ollis with Elder Coe, District Leader

06/02/2017 - Retrainers Meeting

05/11/2017 - "Posterity Picture" on Transfer Day
Left: Elder Miller, Center: Elder Ollis, Right: Elder Wiwchar

05/02/2017 - Mission Temple Day at Calgary Temple

04/10/2017 - Making Sushi with Rose

03/31/2017 - Scriptures from the Calgary Temple

03/31/2017 - "O Canada!" pasted in the back of a Hymn Book

03/17/2017 - Retrainers Meeting
03/16/2017 - Nothing like the comfort of Costco!

03/16/2017 - Eating poutine with Brother Rwamuningi and Elder Miller

03/11/2017 - Elder Ollis, getting some service done, removing wallpaper for the Lamb Family

03/08/2017 - Lunch at Zone Conference

03/07/2017 - Calgary at Night
02/15/2017 - New Companion, Elder Miller

02/15/2017 - Welcome to the Calgary Canada Mission!
Elder Ollis with President and Sister Miles

02/14/2017 - Finally arrived at the Calgary Airport with companions from the MTC!

02/14/2017 - Finally Calgary is in sight!

02/14/2017 - Pictures from above on the flight to Calgary Canada!

02/13/2017 - Elder Ollis with missionary friends the night before he leaves the MTC

02/13/2017 - Elder Ollis living it up before he leaves the MTC

02/12/2017 - Elder Ollis with missionary friends
Looking like posers or just feeling a little cold

02/12/2017 - Elder Ollis with missionaries in his district 

02/21/2017 - MTC Friends at the Provo Temple

02/12/2017 - Elder Ollis with companion, Elder Henderson and two other elders from his district

02/12/2017 - Elder Ollis with companion, Elder Henderson

02/12/2017 - Elder Ollis with his MTC District

02/12/2017 - MTC District at the Provo Temple

02/21/2017 - MTC District outside the MTC

01/25/2017 - Elder Ollis and his final goodbye!
01/25/2017 - Elder Ollis ready to enter the MTC

01/25/2017 - The family at the MTC with Elder Ollis

01/24/2017 - The family after Elder Ollis was set apart

01/24/2017 - Elder Ollis with his parents after he was set apart

01/24/2017 - Elder Ollis with his Draper grandparents after being set apart
01/24/2017 - Elder Ollis with his Ollis grandparents after being set apart

01/22/2017 - The Cousins after Sacrament Meeting
12/29/2016 - Elder Ollis at the Bountiful Temple

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