Tuesday, August 8, 2017

08/08/2017 - Can't Wait to Get This Work Moving

Well I have unfortunate news. I am no longer serving in Calgary...

I got transferred, haha. So this week has been absolutely crazy. And I am going to do my best to explain the situation in the mission right now. The past few days have been a headache of just weird stuff going on. so let me try and explain this and I hope you follow.

So last week was the huge transfer and I apologize I heard an incorrect number, only 29 missionaries came our way last transfer, one of which is my MTC comp Elder Henderson! he is back from tearing his ACL. I am really excited for that! But also nearly 40 missionaries went home. Including my mission dad and mission mom. (my trainer and the oldest sister in my district when I was being trained) So it was crazy. I got transferred. I am now serving in the Lethbridge Zone, which is down south.

Lethbridge is a college town of about 100,000 people. And because it is a college town there is weed everywhere. Especially cause it is legal. But let me tell you about what is going on. They just re-organized every stake in Lethbridge and created a new YSA stake, the first one outside the states by the way. So a headache of trying to figure out new boundaries and things. But let’s add to that. I was purged in along with my companion. So we are replacing sisters who were here., sort of. What happened is there were two companionships of sisters. Each had a family ward and YSA ward. Well President pulled a companionship out and put me in, so we now cover both the family wards (Coulee Ridge and Chinook wards) and the remaining sisters now cover both of the YSA wards. I hope that  made sense. So the past few days have just been a headache trying to figure out what our area is, who we teach, and just a whole bunch of other stuff. But to add to that confusion, almost every single companionship in our zone is opening a new area because of all the mix ups. We are the pinnacle of all the change. So as my zone leaders said " this transfer is going to be goofy." So this week is truly weird. 

But it is cool. We are replacing sisters, so of course our apartment is way dope. Way nicer than my last one. And my new comp is Elder Vea, from TAYLORSVILLE UTAH. He lives on the other side of Truman elementary on the other side of 47th. He lived just down the street from me. Crazy small world! But love you all. Can't wait to get this work moving. And I know Christ lives!

In an email to his dad: We only figured out our boundaries yesterday. But I like it. It is a small town, which is awesome, Calgary was too big for me. But it is going to be tough here. This city was settled by Mormons, like much of southern Alberta, so everyone knows who we are, and tracting and street contacting is really ineffective because of that. People either love us or hate us. No in between. So we are going to work hard. I am only worried our wards will take some time to warm up to us. At church I can't tell you how many times members would say "we are going to miss the sisters."  But we will change their mind. I am way excited for this. I can't wait to start finding and teaching. Most of the investigators we had weren't super solid but I am really excited.

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