Tuesday, July 25, 2017

07/25/2017 - It Was Heartbreaking To See Her Go...I Just Hope She Gets Baptized

Well another one gone. I can't believe the time. Today is a special day, it is exactly 6 months since I left. So happy birthday to me! But actually we had a really good week. It was another bitter sweet one.
07/23/2017 - Kathy, our member contact, Elder Ollis, Elder Wiwchar, and Hue

One of my favorite members is moving saturday. So we worked hard all week and have seen all sorts of tender mercies. But sunday we had to say goodbye to our Vietnamese investigator, Hue. It was so sad. We met with her saturday and taught the restoration. And she seemed like she wanted this gospel. It was heartbreaking to see her go. But we talked about the church there and our fellowshipper is a convert from Vietnam. So they talked and Hue wants to go to the church in Vietnam, and she wants missionaries there. I was incredibly happy and sad. I was so grateful that we could find her, and so grateful for being able to help grow a newer mission. Finding a convert in Vietnam. It was especially sad because she emailed both me and Elder Wiwchar at 2 in the morning haha. I just hope she gets baptized. As for that our ward has been odd lately. We don't have hardly any meals so we had to buy a ton of food today to last the week. And we have been struggling to meet with many of them. But Sunday night we met with our WML (Ward Mission Leader), Bro Wenzel. He is the best, and we talked about how these next few weeks we are going to set some new goals, which is exciting.

One personal goal is that I have really been trying to bring the spirit and let it guide us to 
where we need to be. I felt I have always struggled with that. And we had a cool experience that I would like to share. Last night we were tracting, one of the last things for the day. So kinda hard. Anyway, we were trying to hit our daily contacted number and the street was rough. We picked a bum street where most of the people were not friendly. Well the whole time I was just praying that we would be able to be guided to hit our numbers and so we could go in. Well I have never quite experienced it before, but we were going to finish the street and I just felt we should flip around. Sure enough I do and speed up another street. Elder Wiwchar is wondering what in the world I was doing but I pick a house and we start knocking.  Literally the last house we were going to knock on this kid answers the door. And sure enough we start talking. His name is Lucas and has relatives who are LDS.  His family is catholic and wouldn't like us but his family was gone. So we are going to meet with him next week! But the best part was it was a house right across the street from a member! They watched us and invited us over right after and really wanted to help us. It was really cool. So that’s all for the week!

07/18/2017 - Elder Ollis with his Zone on P-Day

07/24/2017 - Chalkboard farewell postcard for Elder Christiansen from Elder Ollis

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