Tuesday, July 4, 2017

07/04/2017 - Just Like the Wonderful United States of America, There is Purpose in All Things

Hello everyone! So this week was both fast and slow. So to get right down to it, it was Canada Day on Saturday, July 1st. But it was also the 150th one, so a big deal. Anyway, basically from 4:00 Saturday until now it was kind of a ghost town. No one would really open doors if we tract, no one was home to stop by, so it was a little frustrating. Didn't feel very productive. Honestly Saturday around 8:00 we could have walked right in the middle of the street. No cars. Which was weird because Canadians are not very patriotic. Everyone talked about the fireworks that happened down town but supposedly that was the only show. Didn't even come close to this great day in the USA. But anyway, that slowed down the work quite a bit. And even more so, next week is stampede week. So tons of people go to that because it is like a week long event. But that’s what is been going on. Super excited because we have the car this week and Friday is supposed to get really warm. 

As for the work we had some cool experiences. We taught the Plan of Salvation again to our new Vietnamese investigator. And finished it. She was so excited for it. She said it made sense and she asked how she can make it to the Celestial kingdom. Next time we meet we are going to teach Gospel of Jesus Christ and put her on date. So we are super excited for that. We also gave her a BOM in Vietnamese and I have never seen someone so excited for that book. She was so grateful and was so excited to read it. She just hugged it the moment we said it was hers. It was a great experience.

I am so grateful for today. It is the Independence Day of the most true and most free country ever. I was reading in Jesus The Christ yesterday and Talmage talks about our nation.  Brothers and Sisters, it is an inspired nation. I find it interesting that only 40 years after the constitution that Joseph Smith, the prophet of the restoration, saw God the Father and his son Jesus Christ. That is not a coincidence. It is a land of promise and prophesy and was necessary for Christ to build his kingdom. And hasn't it grown?

I would like to bear my testimony to you, that I know our father has a plan for us.  Just like the wonderful United States of America, there is a purpose in all things. We are not alone and we owe so much to those who sacrificed so that we can have the Gospel we have now. Whether it is pioneers, prophets, soldiers and even our own Savior. We are truly blessed. Love you all and hope you enjoy your week!

Elder Ollis

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