Tuesday, July 18, 2017

07/18/2017 - It Is Amazing How Confused She Was, But Brothers and Sisters We Are Not!

Hello from up Norf! So this week was bitter sweet and it flew by. I can't even remember what happened because time is absolutely flying right now. But it was a good week. We contacted tons of people this week and had zone conference! So we got to hear from President Miles! Which is always good. We got TIWI's in our car, so we have some voice yelling at us now, haha not really they aren't too bad. But we have to log into the car before we drive so that is weird. (Note from Elder Ollis' mom: I asked Elder Ollis about this. It is a Teenage Independent Witness system which has a GPS system and alerts the driver if they are driving above the speed limit, etc)

But we did have some sweet success! We met with those turkish guys, last night. And sure enough there were two more of them who seemed interested and wanted to learn more. So we picked them up as new investigators! They keep appearing! It has been hard though because some will be there and others won't. so they aren't all at the same speed for what we teach, but we are trying to work through it. But as for the Bitter, we met with our Vietnamese investigator on Saturday and she came to church but at the end of the lesson she told us she can only meet one more time because she is going home. I was so sad. But I am going to get her address and refer the missionaries in Vietnam so she can get baptized there. And I will have a picture next week with her. Also it was funny at the end of the lesson she said she wants to come to our weddings when we get home. So I hope she can go in the temple! And that was our week! 

But I wanted to leave you with a thought. This week we tracted into some crazy lady from another church. She loved what we were doing and after a few minutes she offered a prayer before we left. It was strange to hear another prayer of another faith. And the thing that struck me is how grateful I am to know about our father in heaven. She had no idea who she was praying to as she used words like Father, brother, savior, maker, all interchangably. It is amazing how confused she was. But Brothers and Sisters we are not! We know who our God is, he is our Father. And he loves us. And we know this because Joseph Smith witnessed it!

Love you all and hope you have a good week.

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